When and Where

Below is an interactive map that pins the locations of past Georgetown popular bars. Included in each pin is a vintage photo of the bar along with a brief post about the bars history and the current establishment now in its location. So go ahead and take a stroll down memory lane!

The passage of time and changing of a neighborhood can be tracked and pinpointed on a map. However, sometimes artistic expression does the best job of describing the changes of the city.

Music is like a city
The genres are the suburbs
The bands, the streets
The albums, the buildings
And the songs, the apartments
The streets get inspiration from other streets
They duplicate then alter them slightly.
The city is very busy and there are always
People driving through looking and listening
The city is growing every day.
The suburbs larger and larger
And some join together.
The streets longer and longer
And some old and tattered.
The building will always stay the same
But they will always be new.
The city will always keep growing
As the music goes on.

Hunter, KC. “City of Music.” PoemHunter.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Apr. 2017.


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