Bars and taverns have long since played a vital role in American history as places to meet and discuss…

Business deals, treaties, adventures, politics, and revolutions have at some point all been discussed and planned over a drink in a tavern or bar. Even today’s bars play a vital role in society. Christine Sismondo, author of the book America Walks into a Bar, detailed in a Smithsonian article: “Bars have always been where people share news and discuss it. And there’s an unwritten code in most neighborhood bars that people are supposed to check their degrees at the door. You can find a lawyer, university professor, taxi driver and dishwasher all talking about politics, and nobody’s supposed to pull rank.”

This page is meant to act like a bar and allow for further discussion for individuals to learn, share, remember and enjoy. However, like bars, this page also requires commenters to create that same sense of ease that bars do. So please leave a comment, memory or question, but do so with respect to all other participants.

Georgetown bar history is actually a very popular discussion happening on the internet. Here are the links to other public forums. Enjoy!

Like Georgetown itself, this is an ever-evolving website. Suggestions and new information is always welcomed to help it grow! Some bars names that I have not been able to locate but would appreciate any information on are:

  • The Wax Museum
  • Desperado’s
  • Charlie’s Georgetown
  • The Oxford Club
  • Annie’s Oakley
  • The Pall Mall
  • Cafe Med
  • The Pier
  • Copa
  • The Wild West

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