An initial proposal that identifies the city or theme that your project will address and that frames a question that will focus your work.

An annotated bibliography that includes the following:

  • Representations of your city or theme, such as literary texts, videos, songs, images, websites, media reports, and maps
  • Critical articles that are relevant to your project, such as analyses of the representations or articles related to the question that lies at the heart of your project
  • Examples of other projects that help you clarify what you want your own project to be like (or not to be like)

For each item in your scrapbook, write about a paragraph that explains what you learn from and/or what you find useful about the item.

  • A proposal describing the project you will develop, including the following:
    • Question — It’s likely that the research process will lead you to revise your question, but even if you don’t, begin the proposal by stating the question that lies at the heart of your project.
    • Purpose or contribution – What is the goal of your project? How does it add to the existing body of representations about your city or about your theme?
    • Audience – Who do you hope to reach? Why would they be interested in your project? What does your project need to do to meet your audience’s needs?
    • Form – What kind of project will you create, and why use that form?

Guidelines and advice:

  • Build your scrapbook using a tool that allows you to edit entries and organize the materials and that lets you share your scrapbook with others. I think you’ll find a web development or blogging tool, such as WordPress, works well, but you can also just create a Google folder.
  • Include the URL for every item you include in your scrapbook.

In reviewing your scrapbooks, I will consider the following questions:

  • How relevant is your idea to the course?
  • How complete is your scrapbook? Does it include all three parts, and in the bibliography section, do you have all three kinds of materials?
  • How thoughtful and critical (in the sense of analytical, not necessarily negative) are your annotations?
  • How thorough and creative is your proposal? Do you seem ready to move on to building your project

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